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MASHA KACHETKOVA, Volgograd, Russian Federation

Masha Kahetkova and youngest daughter, Dasha, shortly after her birth in January 2018

Masha is a young widow in the small church of Volgograd. Her story already boasts of inspiring answered prayers.

Masha's husband, who was a young, devoted disciple, died at age 39 from a sudden aneurism just before Christmas, 2017. You can read their family's story here. Shortly after reading about Masha's sudden loss on this website and, two families, one in the USA and one in Denmark, stepped up to help support her and her three daughters with regular financial support, which she desperately needed. One of those families has many of their own children (I won't mention the exact number so that they may remain anonymous) and regularly keeps in contact with Masha through e mail. Please pray for Masha's three daughters; that her oldest, who is a teenager, will soon choose to follow Jesus. For their faith to remain strong and for her needs to continue to be met.


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