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Disciples bringing the Grief Recovery Method® to Eurasian churches

In May 2020 we are looking forward to a very important event for the Eurasian churches. Thanks to the generous Special Contribution donations of many US-based disciples and the financial and spiritual support of the board of directors of the Greater Eurasian MIssion Society, Ed Owens, a trainer of Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialists from the Grief Recovery Institute in Bend, Oregon, will come to St. Petersburg to train twenty Grief Recovery Specialists from six to eight of our largest Russian-speaking congregations. We believe this is a significant step forward in our stated goals for the Eurasian churches for the spiritual strengthening of older disciples, and a solution for the problem of burnout, which many disciples face in their middle-age years. For those who need support in times of loss and for those who wish to learn how to help others cope with difficult moments in life and different kinds of loss, this will be an invaluable tool for the churches. Our Moscow-based publisher, Uchenik, in partnership with the Grief Recovery Institute, is hard at work preparing for the release of the official Russian translation of The Grief Recovery Handbook, by John James and Russell Friedman, expected in April 2020.

Above, Tammy Fleming takes a group of 18 disciples in Minsk through a two-day version of the Grief Recovery Method®, November, 2019.

Above, Olga Yaroshuk of the church in Novosibirsk, translator of the Russian version of The Grief Recovery Handbook.

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