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The Future is Bright for Eurasian Missions

Over the weekend of November fourth through seventh, 2017, in Moscow, during the national holiday weekend for Unification of Russia Day, and the 100th anniversary of the Communist Bolshevik Revolution, 36 very inspiring, aspiring-ministers from seven cities across Eurasia, gathered to study an overview of the New Testament, at the second session of the new Eurasian Churches' Mission School for young ministry interns.

The proceeds from your Special Contributions for Eurasian churches have made the training of this next generation possible. Several of these young ministry interns are the chidren of disciples who became Christians in the first days and weeks of the Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk mission plantings, in 1991 and 1992.

Andy Fleming taught this second session of the Eurasian Ministry Training Academy in Russian. The group was made up of eleven students from Moscow, ten from Novosibirsk, six from St. Petersburg, five from Ekaterinburg, two each from Yaroslavl and Vladivostok, and one from Almaty. They spent thirteen hours in class time, spread over Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, and held an all-student visitor-oriented service on the Sunday. The next session of the Eurasian MTA will take place in St. Petersburg at the beginning of March.

These two MTA students (above) are from Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok, respectively. Vika in the foreground, from Ekaterinburg, was first invited to church over the internet. She came to church, studied the Bible and became a Christian, and has been an intern in the Ekaterinburg church for just two months at this writing.

Prayer Request: November 7th marks one year since our sister, Vika Artiyukhina, in Vladivostok, has been in a coma. Please continue to pray for a miraculous recovery, and for her husband, Denis, and daughter.

Vika and Denis Artiyukhin, Vladivostok, taken 2016

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